Adelaide Festivals: A Guide to the Best Events in South Australia

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is renowned for its vibrant and eclectic festivals. From cabaret and theater to comedy and circus, there's something for everyone. The Adelaide Fringe Festival is an annual event that offers a kaleidoscope of performances, ranging from dirty and visceral theater to circus, visual arts, comedy, classical and contemporary music, workshops and more. Tasting Australia is a world-class food and drink festival, while WomaAdelaide celebrates cultural and creative diversity with its varied program of music, aerial theater, dance, cinema, art and culture.

The Feast Festival is the queer LGBTIQ+ cultural and artistic festival in Adelaide that takes place during “Pridevember”. The Adelaide Cabaret Festival keeps winter at bay with an eclectic program of vaudeville circus runners, charming singers and gorgeous storytellers from all over Australia and the world. And the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival brings together a diverse guest list of beer and barbecue vendors who set up shop at the Adelaide Showground every year. The Adelaide Festival began with the efforts of Sir Lloyd Dumas in the late 1950s to establish a major art festival that would bring world-class cultural exhibitions to South Australia. In 1998, the Adelaide Festival Corporation was created as a statutory company by the Adelaide Festival Corporation Act 1998 (AFC Act), which was under the Ministry of Arts.

The opening of the Adelaide Arts Festival was held from 12 to 26 March 1960 and was led by Bishop with the help of Ian Hunter, artistic director of the Edinburgh Festival. The festival extends from Whyalla to Mount Gambier, with events taking place across 300 venues across South Australia. Tour the festival and you'll enjoy everything from drum circles to family puppet shows, physical theater and indigenous dance. The annual festival is traditionally held on seven stages of the Botanical Park. WomaAdelaide is one of six WOMAD festivals that are part of a global circuit. The Adelaide Festival continued to grow in subsequent years with the support of the Government of South Australia.

Bold and inspiring, this event is an epic experience that thrills today's audiences and stimulates future generations. Conceptualized in 2001, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival focuses on creative excellence and highlights the best local, national and international artists through a dynamic program of performances. If you're looking for more information about Adelaide SA festivals, there are plenty of resources available online. From official websites to social media accounts, you can find out all you need to know about upcoming events in South Australia. You can also check out reviews from past attendees to get an idea of what to expect.