Explore the Adelaide Festival Centre: Home to South Australia's Performing Arts

The Adelaide Festival Centre is a multi-purpose arts centre located in the capital of Australia, and is the home of South Australia's performing arts. Constructed in the 1970s, it was designed by Hassell Architects and is managed by the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust. The Centre includes the Festival Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse, Space Theatre, and Her Majesty's Theatre, all situated on King William Road. It also boasts several galleries, event spaces, and an administrative centre.

The Adelaide Festival Centre was established in 1973 as a major milestone in modern South Australian architecture. It was erected on the site of the Adelaide city baths, which had been there for more than a century. To the south of the complex, the Festival Plaza, initially known as South Square, was completed in March 1977 and features an environmental sculpture by renowned West German artist Otto Hajek. The Adelaide Festival Centre has seating for nearly 2000 people on three levels and is one of the most prestigious venues in South Australia.

It was launched with a public appeal to raise funds to build the Festival Center and establish Adelaide as an important city in the art world. The mayor of Adelaide, Robert Porter, with the support of Dunstan, made this possible. You can access these places on foot from North Terrace, Adelaide Railway Station, Adelaide Oval or King William Road. The Adelaide Festival Centre is responsible for encouraging and facilitating artistic, cultural and performing arts activities, as well as maintaining and improving the building and facilities of the Adelaide Festival Centre and Her Majesty's Theatre complex.