Getting to and from Adelaide SA Festivals: Transportation Options Explained

Adelaide, South Australia is a hub of activity when it comes to festivals. From music and art to food and culture, there's something for everyone. But how do you get to and from these festivals? Our guide will help you discover the best transportation options available in Adelaide. When it comes to getting around, there are several taxi and rideshare options available in Adelaide that will get you quickly and efficiently from A to B.

The free ride applies to all bus, tram and train services from noon on Friday to noon on Sunday throughout the festival season. DetailsBus pick-up and drop off in the city is located on the corner of Hutt St and South Tce in Adelaide. For those looking for a more economical option, there is a bus in each direction for every performance. Each bus ticket is valid for one trip in one direction.

Be sure to buy both a city ticket to UKARIA and a UKARIA ticket to the city, unless you only need one-way transportation. Customers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of public transport when attending events at the Adelaide Oval. The Oval can be accessed by train, tram and bus. Public transport schedules and routes vary depending on the events.

Visit the Adelaide Metro website for the latest information related to different events. You can also book a stadium tour for the opportunity to visit areas that are normally prohibited and learn about the heritage of the Adelaide Oval, or hop on RoofClimb Adelaide Oval for an experience like no other. The fastest way to get from Adelaide to the Adelaide Festival Centre is by taxi, which costs £3 - 5 pounds and takes 2 minutes. Trams run between Glenelg and the city, with stops located on North Terrace and King William Road (outside the Adelaide Festival Centre).

The free tram area is located between the South Terrace, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Festival Plaza and Botanic Gardens stops. It includes a fenced garden on North Terrace (between the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the National Wine Centre) and, behind it, the Botanical Park (next to the Adelaide Zoo). The most economical way to get from Adelaide to Adelaide Festival Centre is to take the bus line 251, which costs 2 pounds and takes 6 minutes. The city of Adelaide recognizes the Kaurna as the traditional owners of the country where the city of Adelaide is located today, and pays homage to the elderly of the past and present.

From Adelaide train station, you can take the Outer Harbor line train to destinations such as historic Port Adelaide and the seaside neighborhood of Semaphore. For your convenience, Adelaide Metro offers free public transport options in the city and in North Adelaide. The Adelaide Oval is a stadium in Adelaide, South Australia, located in parks between the city center and North Adelaide. BusBus services cover the Adelaide metropolitan area and serve several bus stops in the vicinity of the Adelaide Oval.

For most major events at the Adelaide Oval, customers can use Adelaide Oval Express services on train, tram and bus routes. Buses from Adelaide are expected to leave in time for performances at UKARIA and will arrive in time for pre-performance talks if scheduled. No matter what your transportation needs are for getting to or from an event at an Adelaide SA festival, there are plenty of options available that will get you there safely and quickly.