Celebrating 50 Years of Arts, Culture and Creativity at the Adelaide Festival Centre

The Adelaide Festival Centre is a vibrant hub of arts and culture in South Australia, having been established in 1973. It is a place of celebration and recognition, paying tribute to the Kaurnas, the traditional owners of the country where the city of Adelaide is located today, and honoring the elderly of the past and present. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the Adelaide Festival Centre has launched The First 50 Podcast. Hosted by Libby O'Donovan, this podcast series features interviews with renowned artists such as didgeridoo virtuoso and composer William Barton and internationally acclaimed cabaret and theatre artist Robyn Archer. In addition to this, the Adelaide Festival Centre store offers a special set of brooch designs by local JamFactory artists, providing an opportunity to purchase unique merchandise.

To celebrate this milestone, join Julia, Brian and the RockWiz Orkestra for a special event at the Adelaide Festival Centre. The Adelaide Festival Centre is a place of culture and creativity, offering a wide range of merchandise and events for everyone to enjoy.